Phil King Singer/Guitarist

With guitars and microphone always at the ready Phil continues to play those sixties and country favourites.
After many years and many miles those songs still ring out true as ever to the people who just love to sit and listen or dance the night away.
With the music and guitar playing together with a touch of the new technology Phil’s sound turns the heads, makes the toes tap while the others can’t help but sing along.
He played in the cabaret bands in Adelaide throughout the seventies establishing a vast repertoire of the music of Elvis, Cliff, Johnny Cash, Credence and the Shadows.
Phil continues to travel with his music throughout Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory.
As well, his CD’s continue to sell at all the venues at which he plays.
So whether it’s the Everly Brothers, Willie And Waylon or Duane Eddy, Phil provides a great supply of the music and the memories. 

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